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Colorful dinner
A lot of people have appointments each day. Our hero Stanley, who is an ordinary employee, has never had enough courage to ask his boss’s secretary for a date. He has always admired her sight when she was typing some letters or answering phone calls. She is a really good-looking woman named Lillian, very smart and optimistic. She is fit for her job, as she has is skilled in typing and dealing with correspondence. She also had some feelings towards Stanley, as Lillian has noticed him glancing at her, but pretended as if she hasn’t found out anything, so he could make the first step.
One day Stanley eventually approached her and made an offer. They made an appointment to meet at his home on Sunday evening. It was Sunday morning when Stanley was already up, observing his flat. The day before he had all taps in his flat fixed. After having everything prepared for the evening, it was the time to take his suit from laundry where he had it washed and ironed. However, Stanley found out that his tire was punctured. What a misfortune, he had to drive to the garage to have the puncture mended.
The reason why he actually made the first step is that two weeks ago he went to the hospital to have his teeth examined, but by mistake he was taken by a nurse to another room. As a result he was given general anesthesia and fell asleep. When he regained consciousness he was terrified to find out that he was in a hospital bed. The doctor came over and apologized to him, telling him about the mistake. So he got his appendix taken out. Since then he had been thinking a lot about life and such coincidences that may occur at any moment. He made his mind to take any advantage he could.
As for Lillian, she was almost ready for the evening. Her boss wanted to have a lot of letters typed by Monday. Being very fast at typing she accomplished this challenge by midnight and her condition in the morning was absolutely great. She went to the beauty salon to have her hair cut and set. Lillian was as if she was shining. She had been waiting for this day and was very anxious. Having her nails manicured she was dreaming of this romantic dinner. She also needed to take her evening dress from cleaner’s. When she got there, she found out that she had got her beautiful dress dyed like a rainbow, because one of the workers had made a mistake and washed it with colorful clothes.
It was about time to have romantic dinner, but Stanley was absolutely lost. He had spent a lot of time at the garage, as there was a very long queue. Furthermore, his suit was also not elegant black anymore, it was now black with white stripes as if it was a zebra. Anyway, he decided to take it on, as he had already made his mind. He prepared some wine and cooked pasta. At 10 o’clock in the evening, rang a doorbell. It was Lillian, who also took her rainbow dress on. When Stanley opened the door, he was surprised, but then invited her to take a seat. While sitting she also noticed him wearing strangely dyed suit. They talked about what had happened to them during the day and how had they had their clothes stained. They both laughed and had a great dinner.